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An environmental permit is issued with the aim of comprehensive environmental protection by integral pollution prevention and control, while ensuring a high level of environmental protection and the requirements for prevention of significant environmental pollution from industrial activities. The environmental permit shall be determined based on measures to protect soil, air, water, sea, and if the location of the installation imposes the conditions, the measures will include other environmental components, within the scope of prescribed best available techniques. 

The environmental permit must be obtained for facilities in which activities are conducted and on facilities in which after construction, or reconstruction and roll-out of the facility which may cause emissions that pollute the soil, air, water and sea, if activities given in the list in Appendix 1 of the Decree on Environmental Permits (Official Gazette 08/14) are performed.

 There should be attached to the environmental permit application a baseline study for obtaining an environmental permit. The baseline study may be drafted by authorised persons who have received approval of the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment and Nature for performing professional environmental protection activities, and which are drafted according to the form in Appendix 4 of the Decree on Environmental Permits (Official Gazette 8/14). 

Our services include the drafting of the baseline study for obtaining an environmental permit in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (Official Gazette 80/13, 78/15), the regulations passed under the same Act and participation in the process of obtaining an environmental permit that includes a public presentation, obtaining approvals or opinions from the competent authorities and the final Environmental Permit Draft. During 2014 and 2015, we drafted baseline studies for obtaining environmental permits and successfully obtained environmental permits for more than 40 landfills and waste management facilities.