About Us


IPZ Uniprojekt MCF (d.o.o. for engineering) and IPZ Uniprojekt TERRA (d.o.o. design) are one of the leading consulting and design companies in the Republic of Croatia that have a key role in setting up systems and the drafting of technical documentation in the field of waste management. They were established from a design company called Industrial Design Institute (Industrijski Projektni Zavod) in 1949. Since 1992, the company has been (100%) privately owned and is registered as a limited liability company (LLC). Since reorganization of the company in 1998, the company IPZ Uniprojekt TERRA has also been operating. From their inception, the companies have been operating independently on the market. Since the 1970s, IPZ’s field of work has been related to environmental protection, and since the 1990s, it has mainly involved in design and consulting in the field of waste ​​disposal.

Both companies have the approval of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection to undertake professional environmental protection, meaning the drafting of:

  • Studies covering the significant impact of strategies, plans or programs on the environment (hereinafter: strategic study) including the documentation necessary for evaluating the need for a strategic assessment and documentation for determining the contents of the strategic study,
  • Environmental impact studies, including documentation for implementing the procedure on evaluating the need for environmental impact assessment and documentation to determine the contents environmental impact studies,
  • Documents relating to the procedure for issuing environmental permits including the drafting of the basic reports,
  • Environmental protection programmes,
  • Reports on the state of the environment,
  • Safety reports,
  • Environmental protection studies related to projects for which there is no obligation for environmental impact assessment,
  • Special studies and reports for the purpose of assessing the state of environmental components,
  • Remediation studies, programmes and remediation reports,
  • Emission projections, reports on the implementation of policies and measures to reduce emissions, and the national report on climate change,
  • Budget report (inventory) on emissions of greenhouse gases and other emissions of pollutants into the environment,
  • Drafting and/or verification of special studies, budget, and projections for environmental components;
  • Assessment of environmental damage including impending danger,
  • The performing of technical activities for the requirements of the Environmental Pollution Register,
  • Study on determining criteria for a particular product group for awarding Environmentally Friendly in terms of environmental protection.


The core business is the design of facilities, but we also collaborate with other professions such as spatial planning, geotechnical engineering, traffic engineering, surveying, landscape architecture and ecology. Our particular specialty is the drafting of projects, from the conceptual to the detailed stage, and which relate to new and existing waste management facilities, including waste management centres, transfer stations, recycling plants, landfills and composting plants.


Focusing on the needs of investors and their satisfaction with performed work, speed and completeness of delivery, are the most important values ​​by which we measure and determine our overall performance in the field of design, supervision and consultancy in environmental protection.
To achieve, maintain and strengthened these values, we continually commit ourselves to:

  • Employing professional and ambitious personnel that will have the opportunity and obligation to continually develop and improve themselves,
  • Acquiring the most modern information and communication resources, as well as other equipment, infrastructure and surroundings for pleasant work,
  • Continuously monitoring global trends in ecology and which are applied in our work
  • Systematically and continuously identifying opportunities where we can act preventively to constantly reduce potential negative environmental impact,
  • Continually raising the quality and ecological acceptability of our projects,
  • Implementing solutions that fully support the demands and needs of the investor,
  • Nurturing and developing partnerships with suppliers,
  • Setting ourselves ambitious, measurable and achievable goals based on preventing potential problems
  • Constantly conforming to legal the requirements of environmental protection and striving to be better than what environmental protection laws require.


The satisfaction of our customers is the foundation of our success, which is based on qualified and motivated employees, knowledge gained over the years, contemporary organisation, and mutual cooperation and communication at all levels of the business.
Security, reliability, accuracy and quality of service have been and will be the components of our work process, while not forgetting that preservation of the environment is part of our business policy.

  • Acquisition of development and dissemination of expertise in the field of environmental protection
  • Research as well as the provision and utilisation of knowledge and information in business relating directly to environmental protection
  • Development of new methodologies and activities to protect the environment
  • Establishing a stable business



IPZ Uniprojekt MCF d.o.o. and IPZ Uniprojekt TERRA d.o.o. employ 17 people. Our employees are experts from various fields of science - physics, civil engineering, architecture and urbanism, mining, chemistry, food technology and biology/ecology. The diverse expertise of our engineers is one of the guarantees of service quality due to the wide range of scientific areas that environmental protection requires.
We also work with subcontractors such as architects, economists as well as mechanical engineers, surveyors, electrical engineers and process engineers.