Planovi gospodarenja otpadom


A waste management plan determines and guides waste management and based on an analysis of the current situation in the area of waste management and waste management objectives in accordance with the Sustainable Waste Management Act (Official Gazette 94/13), the plan also determines measures to improve the procedures for preparations for reuse, recycling and other recovery and waste disposal procedures.

Local self-government units are obliged to develop a waste management plan for a period of six years, which includes at least the following:
  • Analysis and assessment of the situation and requirements for waste management in the area of a local self-government unit, or the City of Zagreb, including the achievement of objectives,
  • Information on the types and quantities of waste, separately collected waste, disposal of municipal biodegradable waste and the achievement of objectives,
  • Information on existing and planned waste management facilities and plants and the status of Remediation of non-compliant landfills and waste contaminated sites,
  • Information on the sites containing discarded waste and their removal,
  • Measures necessary for achieving the objectives of reducing or preventing the creation of waste, including education-information activities and waste collection actions,
  • General measures for waste management, hazardous waste management and special waste management,
  • Measures to collect mixed municipal waste and biodegradable waste,
  • Measures for the separate collection of waste paper, metal, glass and plastic and coarse (bulky) waste,
  • A list of projects important for implementation of the planned provisions,
  • Organisational aspects, sources and level of financial resources to implement waste management measures,
  • Terms and executors of such plans.

Drafting reports on implementation of the Waste Management Plan by local self-government units
Local self-government units are obliged to submit an annual report on implementation of the Plan to regional self-government units by 31 March of the current year for the previous calendar year and to publish them in their official heralds. Our services include the preparation of such reports for local self-government units.