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A legal or natural person or business owner must obtain a permit for waste management in order to commence and undertake the collection, recycling, disposal or other waste treatment.

The appendix to the permit is a waste management study drafted by a person who in accordance with special regulation has the right to use the professional title of chartered engineer and is a member of the chamber.

The waste management study and waste management permit are regulated by the Sustainable Waste Management Act (Official Gazette 94/13), and the content of the study is stipulated by the Decree on Waste Management (Official Gazette 23/14, 51/14, 121/15). 

Our services include the drafting of waste management studies that provide proof of meeting the requirements for performing a waste management procedure along with the associated technological processes, a description of methods used in performing the related technological processes as functional technological units of the material flow of waste on a site and the fulfilment of technical and technological conditions, security and preventive measures, restrictions and obligations in monitoring emissions and managerial control measures.