Nadzor i tehnička pomoć


In addition to providing design services and obtaining the necessary permits for waste management projects, we also provide professional construction supervision, from the registering of the construction site with the competent institutions right to the technical inspection and commissioning of the facility, all in accordance with the Construction Act (Official Gazette 153/13) the Spatial Planning Act (Official Gazette 153/13), approved technical documentation and rules of the engineering profession.

The purpose of supervision for investors is that before and during the execution of works is to ensure achieving the concept of the facility as prescribed by the construction permit and to ensure the execution of works in accordance with applicable regulations.

Technical assistance is an acceptable cost in achieving the project when applying for co-financing from the EU funds.
We provide services covering technical assistance and consultancy during the various stages of project implementation, including:
  • During the preparation and conducting of a public tender and contracting works
  • During the design and execution of works
  • During the use phase